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Juan Quezada Pottery at Flor de Barro Gallery

Mexican Folk  and Contemporary Art  |  El Paso, Texas | Family Owned and Operated

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Book a Pottery Class!

 Our classes are perfect for a special date, celebrations, birthdays, or just because! They are BYOB, and food is also allowed. Let Flor de Barro Gallery be your ultimate artistic experience!

Gregorio Silveira teaching a Mata Ortiz Pottery Class

Welcome to Flor De Barro Gallery, your destination for authentic Mexican art in West El Paso, Texas. As a women-led, family-owned establishment, we showcase a curated collection of hand-made and hand-painted Mexican folk and contemporary art. Each piece reflects cultural heritage and remarkable craftsmanship.

Our mission is to share artists' stories and cultural value. When you choose a piece from our gallery, you not only acquire stunning art but also support and recognize gifted individuals. Featured artists include Juan Quezada, Laura Bugarini, Lydia Quezada, Martin Cota, Diego Valles, Hector Gallegos, Jesus Guerrero Santos, and Sergio Velazquez.

Beyond exhibitions, we offer pottery art classes with master artisans, allowing you to refine your creative skills. Explore our diverse collections, from Day of the Dead pottery to modern Mata Ortiz style, hammered copper, Wixarica (Huichol) yarn paintings, and intricate beaded works. Whether for investment or unique decor, discover pieces resonating with your style and capturing Mexico's spirit.

Embark on a colorful journey through Mexican art at Flor De Barro Gallery. Explore, embrace vibrancy, and bring home your piece of Mexico. We look forward to sharing this extraordinary artistic experience with you!

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