Mata Ortiz Concurso 2020

The Mata Ortiz Concurso is a yearly artistic competition in Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico, done with the objective of highlighting the artistic and cultural value of Mata Ortiz ceramics. The even is open only to potters from the region of Paquimé and Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua. In this page you will find pieces by all of this year's winners, as well as some winning pieces from the previous years. The categories in the concurso are as follows: A) polychrome white; b) black: burnished, with graphite (with or without design); c) clay figure or sculpture (zoomorphic, anthropomorphic, phytomorphic, etc); d) colored clay: red, brown, cream and marbled (with or without design); e) new proposals (design, shape or color); f) sgraffito (cut or engraved); g) with or without design with non-traditional color paints; h) miniatures (up to 6 centimeters).

Mata Ortiz Concurso 2020

Graciela Martinez:

2020 Excellence Award

Diego Valles:

2020 Galardon

Gregorio Silveira:

2020 1st Place White Clay

Ana Veloz:

2020 2nd Place White Clay

Estrella Silveira:

2020 3rd Place White Clay