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H: 4" W: 3.2" (base)


This hand-built olla has Bugarini's signature design completely hand painted.



Laura was born on March 4, 1979, in Juan Mata Ortiz Municipality of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua. She started making pots at the age of 14, learning from her mother. Her inspiration was the old designs of Paquimé.


Laura soon realized that all the potters were creating similar designs. She decided to experiment and create a different style, now known as the Bugarini style.

Currently, Laura’s work is considered some of the finest and most detailed work of Mata Ortiz pottery and is in significant demand. 


Laura has received many awards, including the 2013 National Ceramic Award, one of the greatest accolades that a ceramist can obtain in Mexico, awarded by former President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. It is worth mentioning that Laura is one of the few women to win this award in the history of Chihuahua. That same year, she earned a nomination for the National Art and Science Award by the Chihuahuan Institute of Culture in the area of ​​Arts and popular traditions. In 2015, Laura was the only Chihuahuan woman to obtain the National Grand Prize for Mexican Popular Art, awarded in Mexico City. In 2015, Laura was introduced to the Northwest of the State of Chihuahua Hall of Fame. She then became the first female potter of Mata Ortiz to be immortalized in a hall of fame. Laura has exhibited her work more than fifty times, both at the state and national and international levels. To this day, she continues to influence several artisans of Mata Ortiz. Laura says she is very fortunate to be involved in the world of art, to continue to innovate in each of her pieces, and to represent and exhibit the art of Mexico in the world.

Laura Bugarini | Mata Ortiz Pottery

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