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H: 9.5" W: 5.17"


Vase painted with Gregorio's signature style, handbuilt with a long neck and rounded belly.


Gregorio Silveira, born on October 21, 1978, in Mata Ortiz, embarked on a lifelong artistic journey, immersed in the world of pottery under the tutelage of his parents, Gregorio Silveira Ortiz and Gloria Hernández. Since his early days, Gregorio mastered the intricacies of the pottery-making process, leading him to create his first pots in 1995.

Gregorio's exceptional talent shone brightly in the esteemed Mata Ortiz ceramic contests, where he consistently showcased his skill and creativity. Notable milestones include winning 3rd place in colored clay in 2001, 3rd place in polychrome whites in 2009, and achieving consecutive 1st place victories in polychrome whites in 2011 and 2012.


Continuing his journey, Gregorio secured 1st place in colored clay in 2016, 1st place in white polychrome in 2020, and 2nd place in white polychrome in 2021. The pinnacle of his accomplishments arrived in 2022 when he proudly received the prestigious National Prize of Ceramics in the state of Jalisco, known as the San Pedro Tlaquepaque Award.

Gregorio Silveira's pottery artistry beautifully merges tradition and innovation, reflecting his deep connection to heritage and unwavering dedication. Through his captivating pieces, he invites viewers to appreciate the profound narratives and timeless beauty that radiate from each creation.

Gregorio Silveira | Long Neck | Mata Ortiz Pottery



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