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H: 4”W: 5”


****This product is being offered at a discounted price due to a known flaw. Pictures can be provided upon request.*****


Designs may vary due to the handmade process of these pieces.


Flowered round jewelry box made out of hammered copper and hand painted by Sergio Velazquez. This piece is perfect for a bridal gift.


Jose Sergio Velazquez Garcia was born in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacan, Mexico on May 18, 1978. Since he was 8 years old he has dedicated himself to the craft of hammered copper with the traditional technique. Velazquez is part of the fourth generation of hammered copper artisans in his family, he learned the craft from his father and grandfather. He has won multiple awards between first, second and third places in the contests that are held in different regions of the country. There are pieces of his authorship in the Museum of Man in San Diego California. ​



2013 - First place in the co-course of the Grand Prize for Popular Art. 2014 - First place in the Mexican popular toy contest in Guanajuato. 2016 - Highest recognition that is awarded in the National Contest of Hammered Copper.

2017 - Highest recognition that is awarded in the National Contest of Hammered Copper.

2017 - First place in the silver contest in Taxco Guerrero.

2019- Special award in the Grand Masters category at the National Hammered Copper Contest.


Santa Clara del Cobre is a Pueblo Mágico (Magical town) in the center of the state of Michoacán, Mexico. The town is part of the Pátzcuaro region of Michoacán, and ethnically dominated by the Purépecha people. These people have been working with copper since the pre-Hispanic era, and led to this town's dominance in copper crafts over the colonial period until well into the 19th century.

Sergio Velazquez: White Flowered Jewelry Box

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