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Experience the Art of Paquime at Our Art Gallery in El Paso, TX

The Paquime archeological site in Casas Grandes has brought some of the most cherished pieces of traditional Mexican pottery to light. Paquime has protected these pieces throughout the centuries and today the archeological site in Mexico has brought them to the surface to share this style with the world.

Our Art Gallery in El Paso, TX hopes to be able to help preserve this art style as well as spread the unique beauty of this pottery to our community. The traditional styles of pottery found at this archaeological site were originally meant to be shared amongst the community. These are pieces would have also had a functionality to them that would have had them in the hands of the people that the artist cared about. It's this connection and this bond that our art gallery in El Paso, TX looks to share with the community around us.

Our art gallery has pieces of artwork for sale from both up and coming artists as well as more recognizable names. As a museum, we offer a variety of education services to help our community make new connections with this artwork. We also offer a variety of art classes for people of all skill levels so you can get a more intimate connection with creating your own artwork and realizing yourself as an artist.

To find out more information about the art pieces we have for sale as well as our Art Gallery in El Paso, TX, get in touch with us today.

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