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Roberto Olivas

Roberto Olivas is a talented potter from Mata Ortiz and has won multiple Mata Ortiz Concurso awards, earning his first 1st place in 2007. His first exposure to pottery was during childhood through his mother, Lupita Hernandez. He began making his own when he was around 18 years old, he later acquired more practice with Tavo Silveira.

Source: Bridgemon, Rondal Rex, Susan L. Bridgemon, Janis B. Diers, Russell D. Diers, Kathryn L. Iverson, and John R. Gentile. The Magnetism of Mata Ortiz: Places, People, & Pottery: Including the Mexican Revolution in the Region. Tucson, AZ: R & S Enterprises, 2010.


  • Information pending from artist.

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