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Small clay turtle with traditional Mata Ortiz olla with designs. This adorable piece is completely handmade and hand-shaped. Created by Martha Hernandez from Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico.


Mata Ortiz Pottery is a recreation of the Mogollon pottery style found at the historic sites of Casas Grandes in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. This ancient cultural tradition has traveled to us through the past by way of archaeological reclamation. Artists today have sought to recapture the beauty of this pottery and have developed that into the Mata Ortiz pottery style.

This style looks to not just recreate the aesthetics of the past, but to re-establish a bond to a cultural tradition that was almost lost to time. The Paquime pottery style could have been a mystery lost to the vast depths of history and time, but thanks to the work of dedicated artists and artistic researchers, it has been revived in our modern time.

Our art gallery specializes in this particular style of pottery. We have pieces for sale from new artists as well as the established masters of the form. Our effort as a gallery looks to celebrate this artwork and help educate people about its rich traditions.

We are one of the premier locations for the study and awareness of Mata Ortiz pottery. If you're looking to become more informed of this traditional form of pottery, our art gallery is a great place to stop by. If you would like to have some of this beautiful artwork in your own home, we sell pieces of pottery made by up-and-coming artists and established greats. We also offer pottery classes to help you get an intimate understanding of this traditional artwork.


Turtle by Martha Hernandez (assorted styles)

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