H: 10" W: 6.5"

White clay pot with black  and red designs from Mata Ortiz by Hector Gallegos Jr. 



About the artist:

Hector Gallegos Martinez was born on November the 5th in 1981 in Chihuahua City, México. His parents, Hector Gallegos and Graciela Martinez, are both excellent potters recognized for the amazing quality of their work, which is often collaborative. They taught Hector Jr. the art of pottery in which he has been working for 24 years full time.


Hector has been recognized at several of the annual pottery competitions in Mata Ortiz with different awards for his own and collaborative work with his wife, Laura Bugarini. Three years ago they were given the Excellence Award at such competition.


His work has been displayed in different places like the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles California, The Museum Of Man in San Diego California, the National Museum of Folk Art in Mexico City and some of the USA National Parks in Tucson, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas.


  • Third place in the sgraffito category in the Mata Ortiz 2017 Ceramic Contest.

  • Third place in the category of new designs in the Vl Ceramic Contest Mata Ortiz 2002.

  • Third Place in the category of new designs in the X Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz 2006.

  • Third place in the color pots category at the XII Mata Ortiz 2008 Ceramic Contest.

  • First place in the category miniature pots in the XIII Mata Ortiz 2009 Ceramic Contest.

  • First place in the pot category sgraffito in the XLV Ceramic Contest Mata Ortiz 2011.

  • Galaradon in the Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz 2013.

  • First place in the category of sgraffito in the XVII Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz 2014.

  • Second place in the National Forum of Great Teachers and Masters of Popular Art in Oaxaca Mexico 2014.

  • First place in sgraffito  in the Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz, 2015.

  • Prize for excellence in the Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz, 2016

Mata Ortiz Pot by Hector "Yeto" Gallegos Jr.


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