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H: 11" W: 9.23"

The meaning of my pot is based on the stages we go through in life and how, regardless of how many stages we experience, we all arrive at the same destination: death.I chose flowers as the theme because it has been my work ever since I started making pots, and I believe it is something beautiful that can resonate with anyone in any situation.The base of the pot symbolizes the love a mother has for her children from the moment she anticipates their arrival. I chose a flower called azalea to represent this, as it signifies maternal love and femininity, which relates to the anticipation of a new life.The pot has four sides, each with its own meaning:

1. The first side represents childhood, and I depicted a daisy because they are cheerful, much like children. The colors used to represent this stage are blue, yellow, and pink.

2. The next side signifies adolescence, and I used a dahlia because it's a stage of significant change. The colors here are green, light green, and red.

3. Then comes adulthood, depicted with a hyacinth. Being an adult requires perseverance and control over one's actions, which I symbolized with the colors blue, yellow, and purple.

4. The final side represents old age, where only memories of a lifetime remain. I portrayed this stage with a zinnia flower and colors such as brown, black, and red. Finally, the upper part of the piece represents the path to eternity, where we will all eventually go: death. It doesn't matter if we don't experience all the stages of life; each one is beautiful in its own way, and everyone has a predetermined amount of time in life.

Jazmín Ramírez | Viajando a La Eternidad | Mata Ortiz



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