H: 8.5”
W: approx. 15” 

Fine pottery featuring snake and hummingbird with sgraphitto details in black and red patterns from Mata Ortiz by Olivia Dominguez.  This piece won the 2019 Galardon Award in the 22 Mata Ortiz annual ceramics competition.
Olivia Dominguez is a potter from Mata Ortiz born in 1971. She is better known for her pots featuring animals such as lizards and snakes. Olivia has been making pottery for 38 years.
		1999 - Second place in Paquimé ceramics contest towards the new millennium in Clay Sculpture category.
		2009 - First place in the XIII ceramic contest of Mata Ortíz, Clay Sculpture category.
		2011 - Third place FIRST MUNICIPAL CONTEST of Mata Ortíz Clay Sculpture category.
		2012 - First place in the 7th TONALLAN JALISCO ceramic contest in the CONTEMPORARY category.
		2013 - First place in the DESERT MUSEUM AZ. Mata Ortíz pottery women contest. - Third place in the 16th Mata Ortíz ceramic contest in the category of ESGRAFIADO.
		​2014 -
					Second place in the Ninth national contest of ceramics in TONALLAN JALISCO in the category CERAMIC SCULPTURE.
				-Second place in the CERAMIC NATIONAL PRIZE CEREMONY SCULPTURE category. - Second place in the national contest THE TREE OF LIFE in Metepec, State of Mexico, CONTEMPORARY category.
		2015 - Second place in the contest of Juan Mata Ortíz in the category of ESGRAFIADO.
		2016 - AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in contest of Mata Ortíz in category ESGRAFIADO.
		2017 -
					 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in Mata Ortíz ceramic contest, category ESGRAFIADO.
		2018 - FIRST PLACE in the 21st Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz Clay Sculpture category.
		2019 - Galardon in the 22nd Ceramic Contest of Mata Ortiz.

Galardon Winner Olla by Olivia Dominguez

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