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Guadalupe Ledezma

Guadalupe Ledezma has been making pottery since he was 17 years old, he learned directly from his mother Olga Quezada.  He is well known for his pottery on red clay painted with checked black designs, similar to his mother’s style. His pots usually depict an animal’s heard, usually an owl or prairie dog, sticking out of the pot.

Source: Bridgemon, Rondal Rex, Susan L. Bridgemon, Janis B. Diers, Russell D. Diers, Kathryn L. Iverson, and John R. Gentile. The Magnetism of Mata Ortiz: Places, People, & Pottery: Including the Mexican Revolution in the Region. Tucson, AZ: R & S Enterprises, 2010.


  • 2008- Second place in the Mata Ortiz Concurso in the effigy category.

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